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The Dirty Cross

A few weeks ago, as we were trying to keep the sanctuary straight through all this construction mess, we were moving the cross from the information table to the coffee table.

When we went to move it, we noticed it was pretty scarred. Someone said, “This cross really needs cleaning!” I almost agreed out of rote, until I looked at the cross, and for some reason, it just struck me as appropriately dirty. You know?

Our cross is silver, so it’s now all tarnished and fingerprinted. We’ve been in the middle of remodeling our new space for about a year. During that time, we’ve had to move the altar, the band, the chairs, slide projectors and sound equipment nearly every week.

To be honest, over the course of remodeling we’ve neglected our cross a bit.

I hadn’t thought about the cross in such a long time, that seeing it now, all messed up, kind of bloodied, gave it a meaning I’d never considered before: The Cross is supposed to be dirty.

Now, I’ve struggled to identify with the cross. For mos…

Monday Meditation

God of mystery and majesty,
as you give voice to
the bittersweet melodies
of the bluebird on the window sill
and the haunting,
ancient songs of
the blue whale in the ocean depths,
I pray you also
give voice to me.

Speak love through me.
Calm the anger that
bubbles uncontrollably within me;
caused by a world
full of lies, half-truths, intentional misleading,
violence, and hatred of others
we are too dim-witted to see
as ourselves,
as reflections of you.
Open my heart,
my arms,
my doors,
my borders,
to anyone in need
and everyone in hope.

Give us all strength
to witness to love
in a world that is
unbearable to watch,
but to which we must testify
from and to your unconditional love.

We confess
the current situation
has filled us with negativity.
Like Jeremiah,
and the other prophets of old,
we find ourselves lashing out,
warnings falling on deaf ears
as we overturn the tables in the temple
out of sheer frustration.

We pray, dear Lord,
that you transform
our negative energy
into positive action.

Make us instruments of your p…