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The Libertine

The Libertine By Rev. Michael Junkroski Allow me to introduce myself I am called the Libertine I am the scourge of things held sacred, I am feared by kings and queens. I lived—by your count, Many centuries ago But I have returned, For a moment, Once more, To speak to truth And fight the power And, God willing, To inspire you to do even more. I am the Libertine I always speak my mind I have nothing to lose And nothing to fear Because I am guided by love. All the time. I come to you today My friends To convince you of the truth Your freedom is an illusion. Your choices have been made. We have all been turned into puppets On our master’s royal stage. And our masters are the power elite, The 1%, the few, Who have it all And hoard it all, Then give us scraps to chew. In my day this caused revolution. In yours a collective yawn. And I weep And wonder how and when It all could have gone so wrong. My friends and I died fighting For life and liberty An effort I now realize Was as futile as pic

The Good Life

Let me ask you a question: Are you living “the good life ?” Most likely, for as long as humans have had time to ponder, we’ve been asking the question, “What is the good life?” That line of thinking usually leads us to even more questions. But we all want to live the good life, right? So, what is “the good life” to you? Think about this for a moment. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? A healthy family? Money? Success? Most of us think of things that we believe will make us happy. The good life is being happy, right? Retiring on the beach fishing, traveling the world, perhaps escaping to a cabin in the mountains—it’s generally material things we associate with happiness and “the good life.” Well, Aristotle would both agree and disagree with our conclusions. He said there is a supreme good for humanity, and that our supreme good is happiness. But happiness is so subjective, isn’t it? So of course, that must mean there is a more common definition of happiness—that there is a p