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Monday Meditation

Eternal fountain of light and truth, enlighten our minds, enliven our souls, and invigorate our bodies. Transform us into the likeness of Jesus, filled with the living Christ, in order to serve you and all the life of which you are the prime element.   We look to Jesus to understand a more honest and effective way to live as reflections of your glorious being.   Help us continuously strive, God of endless energy, to sense your presence. You make us feel   more beautiful-- not in some superficial, Monday night television sort of way; but more filled-- more FULL-filled with a beauty that transcends description and becomes the center of our being.   In those moments with you we clearly see we are not in competition with each other. Filled with your splendor, we are elated; elevated, excited to share you with everyone on the planet, so they too can feel joy; so they might once again have hope; so they might see there is light   in the darkness.   We confess, Lord, that we have troub

Active Waiting, part 3

  Throughout Advent, our congregation is studying the concept of Active Waiting. Specifically, we’re consciously attempting to practice Lee Raffel’s Active Waiting Guidelines found here: I’m using Intersect to work through my own processes, an online spiritual diary of sorts. I’m also writing with as little editing as possible. We left DeKalb just as I was to enter my last year of Middle School (8 th grade back then). We landed in Dallas, Texas, for a year, then Austin, before finally settling in Moss Bluff, Louisiana. Moss Bluff is a sleepy little borough, all haunted swamps and mossy Cypress, about 20 minutes outside of Lake Charles proper. In the late 1970s the primary industry was petroleum, so much of the population was white working class. Even though I only lived there a few years, Lake Charles is the place I most think of as “home,” at least in some wistful way. It was at Sam Houston High in Moss Bluff my innate love for m