Monday Meditation

Eternal fountain of light and truth,
enlighten our minds,
enliven our souls,
and invigorate our bodies.
Transform us
into the likeness of Jesus,filled with the living Christ,
in order to serve you
and all the life
of which you are
the prime element.

We look to Jesus
to understand
a more honest
and effective

way to live
as reflections
of your glorious being.

Help us continuously strive,God of endless energy,
to sense your presence.
You make us feel more beautiful--
not in some superficial,

Monday night television sort of way;
but more filled--
more FULL-filled
with a beauty
that transcends description

and becomes the center of our being.
In those moments with you
we clearly see
we are not in competition
with each other.
Filled with your splendor,
we are elated; elevated,
excited to share you
with everyone on the planet,
so they too can
feel joy;
so they might
once again have hope;
so they might see
there is light in the darkness.
We confess, Lord,
that we have trouble seeing the light.
We are berated for being too this
or not-enough that.
We are conditioned
to see the scars and blemishes
of a human race
whose faith and confidence
have been eradicated

by the slow churn of indifferenceand the dangerous blather of intolerance
We have blinded ourselves
to the beauty
that exists all around,
and within, us, every one of us.
So we turn to you,
our All-Creative One,
who has promised--
and shown us in Jesus--
that we are the creation of your love--
unconditional, all forgiving, eternal.
We ask to rekindle our love with you
so we can give more love to others.
We ask to be forgiven,
and for the ability to forgive ourselves
in order to more readily
and authentically
forgive others.
We ask for help caring
for all the people in our lives
and around the world,
who need your comforting
hand on their shoulder.
Ignite us with the light of love,
O Holy One,

so we can show others
that love leads the way
to a completely transformed world,
and the people who inhabit it.

Remind us, Eternal Essence of Grace,
that there is beauty all around us,
if only we would open our souls
and accept the beauty in ourselves.
If we are to be the instruments
through which you
defeat the darkness,
we must begin to
accept our inner Christ
and blaze a trail through

the inky night of fearslowly oozing over our souls.
Help us see you through
the midst of suffering,
and help us show your presence
by being your presence,
to everyone seeking,
and seeking to become,
an agent of love.
We pray these things
in the name of love's
 ultimate agent,
Jesus Christ. Amen.

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