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The Raggedy Man

SCENE 1: Detroit, Winter, 1943 A raggedy man slowly shuffles toward the lunch counter. It is apparent to Emma, working behind the counter, that every move this man makes is a struggle. Either his clothes are several sizes too large, or he is several sizes too small. His coat swallows him whole, mostly covering him in darkness and shadows, except his face. She can see his face, shaggy, a little overgrown, unkempt and covered in dirt and muck, but she glimpses a welcoming, forlorn twinkle in his eye. Seeing his struggle, Emma gently moves toward the stranger. As she approaches, the raggedy man is taken aback, as if he hasn't been touched--or even spoken to--by another human in a very long time. "It's okay,” Emma says. "What can I do for you? What’s your name?" He looks at her with misty eyes and whispers with all the strength he can muster, "Thank you.” Emma brings the man some soup and a hot cup of coffee. He nods appreciation and tentatively grasps th

Monday Meditation

God of all things graceful and gracious, use me to technicolor the day. Help me paint reality with oversaturated love. Amen.