Monday Meditation

Sovereign God,
every person on this planet
is made in your cosmic image.
In you
we are one family.
Every bird in the sky
and fish in the sea,
every planet
and star in the universe,
takes its place in the cosmos
formed from
and existing within
your body.
This makes our relationship
with you
more intimate
than we’ve been taught,
for you exist within us,
and we within you.

Infinite God,
we live in difficult
and tumultuous times.
The fragments
of broken promises
are strewn about our marketplaces,
living rooms and bedrooms.
The wreckage of
once great hopes and ideals
has shattered our trust in each other.

In all creation,
you alone are truly trustworthy.
Through personal relationships with you,
restore our trustworthiness.

Support us
while we make new beginnings together.
Teach us
that we cannot be faithful to anyone
if we are not faithful first to you.
Help us respect,
love and trust you
above anything else.

Help us become more conscious
of your presence in our lives,
and in the lives of all those around us.
Envelope us in your loving presence,
dear God,
and keep those close to us,
those far away,
those we love,
and those we mistakenly consider enemies,
blessed by your touch.

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