Monday Meditation

Heavenly Love - Gentle White Doves by Ana Maria Edulescu

God of Gentle Encouragement,
reveal the power of peace within,
around and through,
me, our world,
and you.

Make me, us;
make us, we;
all love fulfilled.

Give us an unquenchable thirst
for reasonable minds
and compassionate actions.

Fill us with
the awareness of Universal Unity
that leads us to dis-integrate

reality’s lies of fear and hate.
Help us bear the light
for wounded hearts;
forgotten souls;
for our own mistakes,
for Gaia’s screech
at trenches and walls
and strip mines and malls.

God who reforms without from within,
resurrect the light of Christ in our souls

and the love of peace in our hearts,
so that we might finally learn
the art of being kind.


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