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Sharing the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem was originally the site of the First and Second Temples mentioned in the Bible. The Mount is now home to the Dome of the Rock, a magnificent Islamic Mosque. Unfortunately, the interior of the Mosque is as off-limits to non-Muslims as the original Holy of Holies was to non-Jews (and even Jews who were not of the Priesthood). It's unfortunate because, in my opinion, no house of worship should be off limits to anyone looking for a place to connect with God. No matter what we call ourselves, if we are seeking a moment with God and are called to Temple, Mosque, Church or Synagogue, we should be allowed inside. In fact, we should be warmly invited to share in the presence of Universal Love.

Instead, we set up gatekeepers and use them in the very wrong sense of the word. A gatekeeper isn't supposed to keep people out. A gatekeeper is supposed to shepherd people inside. We misunderstand the word in our modern era because too many of us live in gated commun…

Tear Down the Walls!

Walls. We all run into them now and then. Perhaps we’ve even built one or two. Sometimes, when we’re running low on creative fuel, we might say we’ve “hit a brick wall.” If we're being forced into an uncomfortable situation, we might feel like we "have our backs against a wall." For protection, we hide behind walls, and when we see injustice in the world, we strive to tear them down. We face physical and psychological walls often throughout our lives.

As we journey with God on a spiritual path to a closer relationship with God we hit many, many walls. Others erect walls that block our spiritual journey for a variety of reasons: belief in God is passé; religion is just another corporation trying to control you; spiritual experiences are tricks of the mind. As seekers of relationship with God, we are bombarded with ideas designed to make us think twice about being a person of faith, a sojourner toward spiritual wholeness.

Jumping the hurdles of the outside world is only half…

Monday Meditation

Thank you,
Great Eternal Presence,
for blessing us with awareness
of a deeper reality,
beyond the shallow noise
of this artificially sweetened world.

Holy God of all creation,
feel our natural love for you,
as we feel your love
permeate the very fabric
of our being.
Help us experience
the intimate nearness
of you.
Impel us to know
that you are
the very cells in our bodies;
the atoms in our cells;
the electrons orbiting
around the nucleus.
You are our nucleus,
Holy and Infinite God,
and we are your atoms.
Charge us with positive energy.

[pause to meditate]

Sense our trust in you.
Every day
we sing,
laugh and cry
because we are so overwhelmed
by your intense,
loving energy.

You well up within us,
and when we are fully aware
of your presence within,
you burst forth
like a ray of light,
revealing a word
of incredible beauty,
and a people
of deep compassion.
Make us beautiful, Loving God.
Make us compassionate, Holy Source.

[pause to meditate]

You break us from
the hypnotic spell
of a world that tells us
we are worthl…

Monday Meditation

God of infinite love and grace,
we come to you
ever thankful
for your abundance of love,
for this place of worship,
and for this time of prayer.

[pause for meditation]

We appreciate
that our faith
binds us to each other,
and to all which is holy.
We realize
that the holiness
we experience
in and from you
is most powerfully reflected,
when we see
and experience
holiness in each other
(and realize there is no other).
You bind us together,
loving emanations of
your one, great Spirit.

[pause for meditation]

And yet we confess that
there are some people to whom
we do not feel bound.
There are times when we build walls
instead of opening doors.
We turn a deaf ear to those in pain
or in need of our counsel,
because we are too busy
to open the doors of our hearts.
Sometimes, when we listen,
we listen poorly.
We talk when we should be silent,
and we are mute
when we should use our voices
to destroy the walls
of apathy,
and fear.

[pause for meditation]

Make us in your image, Holy One:
a positive force in this world;
a h…