Monday Meditation

God of infinite love and grace,
we come to you
ever thankful
for your abundance of love,
for this place of worship,
and for this time of prayer.

[pause for meditation]

We appreciate
that our faith
binds us to each other,
and to all which is holy.
We realize
that the holiness
we experience
in and from you
is most powerfully reflected,
when we see
and experience
holiness in each other
(and realize there is no other).
You bind us together,
loving emanations of
your one, great Spirit.

[pause for meditation]

And yet we confess that
there are some people to whom
we do not feel bound.
There are times when we build walls
instead of opening doors.
We turn a deaf ear to those in pain
or in need of our counsel,
because we are too busy
to open the doors of our hearts.
Sometimes, when we listen,
we listen poorly.
We talk when we should be silent,
and we are mute
when we should use our voices
to destroy the walls
of apathy,
and fear.

[pause for meditation]

Make us in your image, Holy One:
a positive force in this world;
a healing presence
for those we know
and those we have yet to encounter;
those who are ill or homebound;
those who mourn with a sorrow
too deep for words.

[pause for meditation and to hold friends, family, and strangers in God’s embrace]

We pray for
People around the world
attempting to bring light and love
into this reality
we have filled
with strife and tension.
May the world come to know
the peace of mind, body, and spirit
that only comes from
loving something
greater than ourselves:
our Holy and Eternal
Source of all Being.

[pause for meditation and the still, small voice of God to permeate your being]

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