Monday Meditation

Thank you,
Great Eternal Presence,
for blessing us with awareness
of a deeper reality,
beyond the shallow noise
of this artificially sweetened world.

Holy God of all creation,
feel our natural love for you,
as we feel your love
permeate the very fabric
of our being.
Help us experience
the intimate nearness
of you.
Impel us to know
that you are
the very cells in our bodies;
the atoms in our cells;
the electrons orbiting
around the nucleus.
You are our nucleus,
Holy and Infinite God,
and we are your atoms.
Charge us with positive energy.

[pause to meditate]

Sense our trust in you.
Every day
we sing,
laugh and cry
because we are so overwhelmed
by your intense,
loving energy.

You well up within us,
and when we are fully aware
of your presence within,
you burst forth
like a ray of light,
revealing a word
of incredible beauty,
and a people
of deep compassion.
Make us beautiful, Loving God.
Make us compassionate, Holy Source.

[pause to meditate]

You break us from
the hypnotic spell
of a world that tells us
we are worthless.
Your presence reminds us
we are worthy,
we are whole.

We find completeness
in your love
by loving each other
without exception.
Help us show our love for you,
our Holy God,
by making us more loving
toward each other.

Recreate us
in the image of Christ,
so we are better able
to grant forgiveness
to others, and ourselves.
Make us in the image
you created us to be,
by making us imagers of the Christ
that dwells within us all.

[pause to meditate]

Heal us from our spiritual withdrawal.
Heal us, Lord.
Soothe our souls,
rest our bodies,
calm our thoughts.
Help us center in your presence.

Your goodness fills our hearts,
your mercy compels us to act mercifully,
your compassion moves us
to care about our world.

We pray in your many names,
and strive to live—
and live in—
the example of
Holy Oneness exemplified by
Jesus Christ.

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