Monday Meditation

Most loving and gracious God,
as we trek toward
the birth of Jesus,
we come with gratitude
that you are with us
on our journey.

Help us as we travel
to stay on the path
and keep us focused
on the peaceful purpose
of our mission.

We confess that
in the busyness of this season,
we often stray from the holy day
and concentrate instead on the holiday.

[pause for meditation]

As we put up our Christmas lights,
remind us of your light.
Grant us the patience
to pause in our task
and bask in the promise
of the star we place atop our tree.

As we sing songs of hope, joy, peace, and love
remind us to leave space
for your melody,
and for your loving message
of light in the darkness.

[pause for meditation]

As we decorate our trees,
let us take time also
to decorate our hearts
with the ornament of love—
a love that brings us closer to you,
and through you,
closer to each other.

As we shop for gifts,
keep us mindful of
the birthday we celebrate
and the gift we are given in the manger—
the gift of the Christ;
ever being born,
always asking us to make room:
room for hope,
room for peace,
room for love,
room for joy,
room for the Christ.

[pause for meditation]

We are bound for Bethlehem,
holy and loving God.
We must each discover
the room inside of our hearts
for the Christ to be born anew
deeply within our hearts, minds and souls.

We pray in your many names,

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