Monday Meditation

Holy God,
Creator of every universe,
Sustainer of my soul:
Ignite a flame of hope within me.
Fan the flames of Divine Love,
which burn in me with an intensity
too unbearable to ignore.
Motivate me to acts of loving kindness.

We love you, Adonai our God,
because you compel us
to act with love, mercy,
understanding, and compassion.
You are the fuel                    
that keeps the flame of forgiveness
lit within the depths
of our being.
You are the inspiration
that is the very engine
of our creation,
and our creativity.

We thank you,
because you teach us
how to love.
You remind us that
I AM as you are, pure energy.
We adore you and thank you
because you show us
how to care for others beyond ourselves,
and how to see the world
with childlike wonder,
in utter awe of the beauty and majesty
of this inconceivably complex creation.

[allow time for God to speak here]

Still, we confess
we often fumble and fall.
Our busy lives sidetrack
us from knowing you,
from prayer and meditation,
from study of
and unity with the holy.

We forget that human life—every human life, is holy.
The world makes us cynical,
and our own human imperfections
cause us to lose hope.
Worse, we forget who you are,
and therefore forget who we are,
who we truly are:
Infinite light beings of Oneness,
the Christ alive within us all,
through every trial,
in each stressful moment of every day,
in every person we meet.

Life that is meant to be shared with others,
friend and stranger,
lover  and enemy,
so that everyone
might come to know you more intimately,
follow you more closely,
and love you more dearly.

[allow time for God to speak here]

Help us see the holy in everyone,
God who tenderly embraces
every one.
Help us pierce the veil
of human judgment,
so we, like you,
might see into the truth
of every person’s soul.
For within our true selves,
at the heart of every soul,
is where we meet you:
the ultimate lover of the universe.

It is in recognizing the Holy
in all of us
(and understanding that every one of us is holy),
that the world truly changes—
one person at a time,
a few people every day,
until eventually,
you have created through us
a world of hope, peace,
love, and joy.

[allow time for God to speak once more]

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