Monday Meditation

Good and loving God,
we give thanks
for this time to reunite with you,
the ground of our being.

May we continue to grow
in our relationship with you
and our understanding of you
as the energy of love
that flows around,
and through,
all creation,
in this and every reality.

We give thanks
for the scientific discoveries,
which continue to unravel
the mysterious engines of creation,
helping us discover
your fingerprints
in every leaf and flower,
in the dust of the stars,
and in the very DNA
that forms all things.


This new knowledge
helps us understand you
in new an ever more profound way:
as our life partner.
You work with us
by working through us,
because we have learned that
your very consciousness
creates our physical being;
and that your consciousness
exploded into the material world
billions of years ago
in a big bang of creativity;
then again thousands of years ago
as Jesus the Christ,
and that you continue
to burst into and disrupt this world
every day with every birth
as every one of us.

Continue to give us
the spiritual and physical nourishment
we need to grow in love.

Continue to enlighten and inspire
our scientists, historians,
doctors and lawyers;
our artists, musicians,
dancers, and poets;
our dreamers and inventors
who dare to make real
what the status quo
so often tells them is impossible.
Lead us to you
and inspire us
to lead others to you.
Give us the strength
and courage
never to give up hope;
never to stop dreaming.

Help us avoid the temptations
of a purely physical world,
whose bright and shiny toys
lead us away from
the difficult work
of centering our lives in your spirit.
Compel us
to lead each other
away from this world
of haves and have-nots
into what our ancestors called
the kingdom of heaven.
Expose to us the heaven
that is not a far-away place
but is in fact a world of loving equality,
where we all have an abundance of love
here and now,
on this planet we call Earth.

In your many names, we pray. Amen.

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