Monday Meditation

Great and loving God,
as our understanding
of your ever-expanding universe
has increased,
our affection for you
seems, unfortunately,
to have diminished.

While we have gained tremendous knowledge,
we have lost equal parts wisdom.
For every atomic secret unlocked,
for every quantum entanglement unraveled,
for every genetic code revealed,
we have locked away
a little more
of our sense of wonder.

And those of us who find
the wonders of God
in atomic structures,
quantum entanglement,
and genetics,
weep tears
of grief and disappointment.

In this,
the age of knowledge,
we are often ashamed to admit
we still believe
in the magic of love.
Our compassionate voices
are muted
and our spiritual imaginations
are stifled
by the screams
of hate-filled people
yelling supercharged intolerance
from the other side of
an electron-charged screen.

The broadcasting banshees
try to convince us
there is no love,
there are no miracles,
there is no God.

They distract us
with fear and hate-speech
designed to keep us
from seeing your love in the world,
and worse,
intentionally formulated
to keep us
from being your love in the world.

We too often feel ashamed
because we believe in
a universal power of love
in an age when
too many of us are told
we’re not worth loving.

We are called “superstitious”
or “unenlightened.”
We are chided
and talked down to
just for believing
there might actually be
a power in the universe
greater than us.

You. our all-loving God,
help us see through
the sham of shame.
Working through us,
you help us realize
there is no shame
in striving to be humble
and sensing something
something wisdom tells us is very real,
even while knowledge
insists this cannot be.
For knowledge may
reveal your secrets,
but understanding
comes through wisdom alone.

We are thankful
we still sense
you, our eternal presence of love,
our great,
ever-unraveling mystery,
our God.

We pray for peace and love
to overcome the hearts
of all the messengers
of hatred
in the world.
We ask for our souls to be filled
with your presence,
so we,
like the great enlightened Christ,
might also become purveyors
of eternal, unexplainable,
much-needed and world-changing

In your many names we pray,
unashamed to call ourselves
your people.


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