Monday Meditation

Holy God,
who is never hidden from view,
open our eyes,
our hearts
and our minds
to your loving presence.
We know you are here today
as you are, everyday.
We also know we are too often
blinded by the noise of society
to notice you right here,
right now,
closer to us than our own breath.

When I breathe,
you breath.
When I love,
you love.
When I hurt,
you hurt.

Because we are you in the flesh,
everything we go through in this life
you experience with us.
But more than that,
you give us a helping,
healing hand.

You wipe the tears of sorrow from our faces.
You send us a joke when we’re feeling blue.
You send us love and compassion
when every voice is yelling at us in anger and fear.
We feel you.
We hear you.
We love you.
In humility we pray for our hurting world.
We know you’re already working,
everyday, through millions of us.
So we pray
not with the intention of having you grant our wishes,
but solely to offer our living souls to you,
that you might work through us
and make us healers all,
in the manner of Jesus Christ,
whom we follow with loving loyalty.
As we go about our daily business, Lord,
help us remember
to seek you in all the ordinary places
of our everyday lives.
Remind us you are with us at the gas station,
the grocer,
in the hospital and in our homes.
You are in the technicolor flowers and fishes,
the iridescent blues of a hazy night sky,
and the spectacular, mind-melting yellows of the mid-day sun.

You are found in our brothers and sisters around the world
of every nation and every faith.
For although we are born to human parents,
we all share the same common progenitor:
You, our creator and sustainer,
our true and holy source,
alive and active within all that exists,
waiting to be discovered
if we would only take the time to look and see
the augmented reality
your eyes provide.
May we all develop and share
the insight and foresight
of the Supreme Awakened One,
Jesus Christ,

in whose name we ask these blessings.

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