Monday Meditation

God of everlasting light,
we praise your loving nature
and embrace your invisible presence.

Your energy touches our hearts.
Your Holy Spirit shapes our souls.
We come to you
in humble service
and infinite gratitude
for all the ways,
both known and unknown,
you act in our lives
and throughout the universe.
We thank you
for moments of stillness and calm—
too few in a world of constant motion.

[pause to sense God’s still, calming presence]

God of us all,
we know we have been called to serve
and in the quiet of these moments,
we confess our shortcomings.
In the face of worldly unrest and tragedy,
mayhem and murder,
illness and death,
we acknowledge
we sometimes feel powerless
and act with folly.

We realize how difficult it is
to be faithful servants.
We wonder if we are, indeed,
able to accomplish the task at hand:
to create a world of love,
to be loving beings.
At such times,
keep us mindful that
it is not all up to us.
The fate of the world
does not lie on
our frail human shoulders.
Remind us that
you are the source of our service.
You are our strength and
our hope.

[pause to sense God’s still, calming presence]

God of Wonder,
you have set us out upon
the most amazing journey,
a trip through worlds undreamed of
only a few generations ago,
a quest in which we are privileged
to meet up with friends and companions;
to learn of your glory
and unravel the mysteries of creation;
every act an opportunity
to share your kindness
with our fellow travelers. 

Having given us
 beauty, wisdom, love and insight,
we are set in the world
and given a real chance to make something of it—
of ourselves and our human community.
We thank you,
for we are awesomely
and wonderfully made.

We cannot see the end of this adventure,
but we know that
it is your love
upholding us step by step,
your love that threads us together,
your love, present in glorious fullness
in the Christ
who lives powerfully within us all.

[pause to sense God’s still, calming presence]

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