Monday Meditation

Infinite and infinitely loving God,
we turn our hearts, minds, and souls to you,
and beg you
to remove the veils
that prevent us from
seeing the world,
and each other,
through your eyes.

Remove the veil of fear,
which causes us to build walls
instead of bridges;
which makes us tremble
behind enclaves of excuses
instead of creatively coexisting.

Remove the veil of hatred,
which starts arguments
that turn into feuds
that become world wars,
simply because
we cannot see,
as did Jesus,
beyond the things that divide us
to the divinity that
is the core of every human being.

Remove the veil of envy,
which causes us to hate
rather than love
our neighbor;
which keeps us in
a constant state of desire
for material things;
and prevents us from
ultimate fulfillment through
a more profound relationship
with you.

Remove the veil of greed,
which causes us
to take advantage of others
and creates the misguided idea
that it’s every person for themselves,
when the truth
beyond the veil is that
we’re all in this together.

God, who is always making things new,
remove these veils and
grant us new vision,
so we see each other as brother and sister,
divinely connected souls of love
living and working together
in harmonic resonance with you,
the melody of the Universe.

We pray for courage and strength
as we do the hard work
of seeing beyond the many veils
keeping us from wholeness,
unity and peace.

Remind us we are not alone in this task.
Remind us that you,
our loving Creator,
our eternal Sustainer,
are always with us,
encouraging and supporting
us on our journey,
by igniting and fueling
the light of Christ
living within us all.

May it be so.

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