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Monday Meditation

Today I remember that
we are all children of God,
none deserving death
at the hands of another.

Today I remember
the heinous way we treat each other;
the discarded lives of
those called to service
as a reminder that
war is never the answer.

Today I remember that
I have a choice to make:
I can serve the war machine
of my government
and its corporate overlords,
or I can serve God
and choose peaceful resistance.
I can pretend there is an enemy,
or I can hold my neighbor in my arms
and shower them with love.

Today I remember
my grandparents
who died fighting against
an enemy their parents created.
I remember my brothers and sisters
fighting against an enemy
our parents created.
I remember the endless cycle
of enemy creation, war,
defeat, repeat,
and I renew my vow
as a follower of Jesus the pacifist,
to oppose the cycle of vengeance
and grind it to a halt forever
by refusing to participate in its
systemic evils.

Today I remember
that enemies only exist
when we lie to each other;
steal from each other;
cheat each other out of

Monday Meditation

Gentle Spirit of gracious love,
fill us with your presence.

We open our hearts
to receive your infinite love.
We open our minds to
learn your timeless wisdom.
We give you our bodies
as holy temples,
the place we discover
with you,
our precious God
who dwells
with and within us,
mind, body and soul.

[pause to feel at-one-ment with God]

We ask to be filled
with strength and courage
because walking the spiritual path
is treacherous.
As we walk toward the light
that lights us from within,
we meet resistance.

New ideas,
inspired by you
and about your presence
in the world
are met with violent fear.

Often, the inspirations
we are given
are discounted.
We are called heretics and liars,
our faith and the Bible
are thrown in our faces.
Our love for you
is refuted by religions
for too long
in the vacuum
of their own dogma.

Our new understandings of you
are called into question
because they require
new ways of thinking—
new ways of thinking
that are, ironically,
exactly the way Jesus
has taught us to think
from the be…

Experiencing Spiritual "A-Ha!" Moments

Have you ever been in a meditation so deep that you lost a sense of time? You sort of “pop” back into reality and realize you’ve had a profound experience, an “a-ha!” moment that has connected you more deeply with a conscious awareness of the presence of God?

I clearly remember an evening in college sitting on my couch, reading Joel Goldsmith’s Realization of Oneness. It was the first book I ever read that talked about Christ Consciousness. Rather than presenting Jesus as a human sacrifice, Joel—way ahead of his time, saw Jesus as a teacher attempting to awaken a more connected sense of wholeness and unity with God within all of us.

At some point, I became aware that I was no longer reading, but experiencing what Joel was writing about: I was having a very deep and profound Christ moment; a realization of oneness, of the spirit of the Christ welling up deep inside me. The next thing I knew, I “popped!” back into reality (whatever that is), and an hour had passed; an hour that felt to m…

Monday Meditation

I believe in a God
who doesn’t need to manipulate,
who does not look like me,
who demands not wrath but love.

I believe in a God
who offers salvation
by empowering every human being
to simply act like a decent human being.

I believe in a God
who requires we sacrifice ourselves
not by spilling our own—
and especially not by spilling other peoples—
but by giving up the things
that make us falsely believe
we are set apart
from each other
and from God.
I believe in a God of unity.

I believe in a God
who demands justice and equality,
and inspires us to demand the same
from our earthly leaders.

I believe in a God
who leads us out of the wilderness
of our addictions,
our selfish actions,
our shame and
sense of worthlessness,
not by dying
on an ancient instrument of torture,
but by living
through each of us,
changing how we think and feel
by filling our emptiness
with mind-blowing love.

I believe in a God who exalts us
to a higher awareness
of the interconnectedness of all things
rather than demanding we exalt him
to a place…

Quantum Entanglement

I find science—and in particular quantum mechanics—a powerful way to ponder the nature and being of God. Using science as a rational baseline for our religious/spiritual philosophies helps us develop faiths that are well-reasoned, even while by definition, faith requires us to take some imaginative leaps. It is faith after all.

By studying what is known of the natural world and applying it to what we believe about God, the universe, and everything, we follow the traditions of all the inspired people and authors of the world’s ancient holy books. These brilliant and philosophical people formed an image of God and created religious/spiritual systems based on what they saw and understood of their natural world. Today we find their idea that many gods (or even one Mega-God) were in control of things like your luck, thunder, and lightning quaint. But as their religious ideas developed, a crucial concept began to take root, one which finds support in the modern science of quantum mechanics: …

Monday Meditation

Dear and loving God,
thank you for the gift of mystery.
If we are honest,
we have no idea
what you are
or how you work.

If we are faithful,
we come to realize
that neither of those things matter.
All that matters is
to sense your gentle touch,
your loving breath,
and your warm embrace,
all around us;
coursing through our veins,
the very lifeblood of our being.

[pause to sense the presence of God]

We confess that
it is all too easy
to become enraptured by
and trapped in
this soulless world.
We get caught up in crass commercialism.
Our hearts become hardened to
the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Fear of lack, limitation, and otherness
causes us to act rashly
and without reason.
We readily and foolishly
elect to follow hawks
rather than doves.

Send us the dove of peace,
the prince of love,
the Christ who opens our minds
and unbinds our hearts
from fear.
Unchain our souls
and free us to love
and be loved
in your image.

[pause to sense the presence of God]

It is as beings
made in your image
that we offer prayers for healing.