Monday Meditation

I believe in a God
who doesn’t need to manipulate,
who does not look like me,
who demands not wrath but love.

I believe in a God
who offers salvation
by empowering every human being
to simply act like a decent human being.

I believe in a God
who requires we sacrifice ourselves
not by spilling our own—
and especially not by spilling other peoples—
but by giving up the things
that make us falsely believe
we are set apart
from each other
and from God.
I believe in a God of unity.

I believe in a God
who demands justice and equality,
and inspires us to demand the same
from our earthly leaders.

I believe in a God
who leads us out of the wilderness
of our addictions,
our selfish actions,
our shame and
sense of worthlessness,
not by dying
on an ancient instrument of torture,
but by living
through each of us,
changing how we think and feel
by filling our emptiness
with mind-blowing love.

I believe in a God who exalts us
to a higher awareness
of the interconnectedness of all things
rather than demanding we exalt him
to a place of honor
at the head of our table.

I believe in a God
who humbles herself
for the sake of others,
who demands not worship,
who gives freely of God’s self
to create and sustain
universe upon universe—
realities too numerous to count,
and love too unbearable to resist.

I believe in a God
who loves us all,
regardless of skin color,
gender identification,
or nationality.

I believe in a God who
obliterates walls
by pulsing love
through our veins,
inspiring us to end poverty and homelessness;
income inequality, sexism and racism.

I believe in a God
who compels us to love,
and who, through love,
changes us,
and our world,

May it be so.

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