Monday Meditation

Universal Love,
ignite within me
a burning desire
for an ever heightened awareness
of your presence
in my life
and the lives of every soul I meet.

[pause for a heightened awareness of God’s presence]

Help me learn from many sources.
Compel me to recognize that
my next great spiritual revelation
might be from
the person who bags my groceries,
the friendly smile of
a stranger I pass in town,
my neighbor or my mis-perceived enemy.

Love comes from
the most unexpected places,
melting our hearts
and changing our lives,
when we least expect it.

[pause for a heightened awareness of God’s presence]

You, my Holy Inspiration,
are constantly
expanding my consciousness,
sometimes with a force
so powerful
it knocks my life
in new and unexpected directions.

But more frequently,
you gently whisper
in my ear:
I am with you,
from now to the end of time.
Trust me.
I have always been with you.
Open your heart
and mind
and let me enter.

[pause for a heightened awareness of God’s presence]

Throughout our lives
we will meet
many people
filled with your Holy Spirit,
people whom
you work through
to make us all
more like the Christ.

May we always strive
to ascend to Christ’s nature
and become more sensitive,
every minute
of each passing day,
to our true,
divine nature.

For it is our birthright
and our duty
to bring a little more light
and love
to our world.

We pray in the names
of the many Christs
who have walked,
and continue to walk,
this temporary,
imperfectly perfect existence.

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