Monday Meditation

modern lotus--250
Holy and Eternal 
God of endless and unrestricted affection,
I want you to know that
I am astonished by your presence.

When I stop to think about
how deeply you have dived
into my human being,
I weep tears of joyful thanks.
I lift my arms to the sun
and let you wash over me,
bathing me
in the electric light
of endless energy
that renews my spirit
and cleanses my soul.

You provide me comfort, O God,
in my times of deepest pain
and unbearable suffering.
You encourage me
when my too many fears
paralyze me into 
apathy and inaction.
You embrace my tears,
my joy,
my best attempts
and my most heinous failures.

My every imperfection and blemish
is eradicated when you enfold me.
And here,
safe in your loving arms,
I realize you’ve been holding me all along.
You never leave me—
it is I who forget to find you
where you always are
and always will be:
the very center of my soul.
My fits of rage and 
blinding frustrations overwhelm me,
and I curse you for leaving my side,
for giving me too few moments of perfect love,
then deserting me
and abandoning me to the evil ways
of a corrupt world.

But you haven't left me,
I know that now.
You never leave me,
you couldn’t if you tried.
For I finally understand that
you and I are as bonded to each other
as surely as hydrogen and oxygen are water.
You are my oxygen, my Lord.
You are my every breath,
and I pray that tomorrow,
when the frustration and anger
attempt to worm their way back into my soul,
that you will remind me
there is nothing under the sun
that can ever separate you and me.

My God,
my love,
my light,
my universe:
You inspire me into being,
and into being more
than I believed was possible.
You animate me with 
words of worth and hope, 
when the world tells me
I am worthless and hopeless.
You drive me to act beyond myself,
in the manner of Jesus the Christ.

You have shown me,
beloved and infinite presence,
that my life is precious and beautiful,
even though I sometimes
feel like a lump of coal.
But even coal is full of potential,
for once the intense pressure
of your presence
bears down on it,
the diamond 
that had been 
hiding inside all along
is revealed.

I humbly submit myself to you, Lord,
so that my inner diamond
might shine brightly
with your healing energy
for all the world to see.
One by one,
transform us all
into the brilliant and valuable gems
we are at the core of our being.

In your many names
and all your diverse images, we pray. 

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