Monday Meditation

There is a place called by many names:
And while people have searched for it
since memories began,
it does not exist
at the top of an ancient mountain,
or just beyond a hidden valley.

Nirvana lives deep within our souls,
and it is discovered
not by traveling great distances
around the globe,
but by taking the first small steps
toward self-realization.

Do not be fooled!
The path is difficult,
and most of us will spend
many lifetimes before
we take even those first small steps.

But at some point,
we will hear a voice
whispering gently
with a tone so melodious
we weep uncontrollably—
for we recognize the sound
as perfect love.

At some point,
if we are seeking even cursorily,
we will feel a tap on our shoulder,
and turning to see who is there,
we suddenly realize we have been
tapped by God, awakened,
and the world will never look the same.

These are our first intimate moments
with you, our God,
whose sweet, compassionate voice
wells up from
the center of our being.
Your voice teaches us
that Shangri-La is
all that was, is, and ever shall be;
every creature great and small,
the morning dew on a Dandelion’s flower
and a sunset,
hand-painted colors exploding across the sky
as we realize we are
the dandelion,
we are the sunset,
we are the very mind and body
of God.

This realization of oneness
with all that exists
is where heaven is found.
This is enlightenment:
recognizing the entire universe
in the passing glances
of strangers
at once
all-too familiar.

We pray for enlightenment today.
We pray by emptying ourselves.
We ask for nothing.
We seek a mind of no-thought,
knowing that in these moments of release,
all our family and friends,
all the turmoil in the world,
every fear, hope,
regret and dream
is already bound to your infinite wisdom.

We don't need to tell you what needs to be fixed,
Holy, eternal God.
We only pray to let you know
we are ready to be used
as part of your healing presence
in this too-treacherous world.

We pray by recognizing and realizing
the Eternal Love of the Universe
within us,
waking us with misty kisses,
souling us into higher being,
converting us
from the inside out
until we finally start to see
and feel
your love within,
and exhibit it unconditionally

And so you cause us
to gleefully shout
that we are never without:
never without your presence,
never without your inspiration,
never without your encouragement,
never alone,
never without your love.

We offer this prayer
in remembrance of Jesus Christ,
who shows us how powerfully you are with us
through times of joy and sorrow,
to our deaths and far beyond tomorrow,
neither forgotten nor forsaken.


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