Monday Meditation

Holy and Loving God,
we are humbled and awed
by the company of saints
whom we join
on our journeys of faith.

Thank you for
your gracious love
that invites us all
into your compassionate embrace.

Thank you for
the uncountable saints
who through the years
have been a light in our lives,
influencing us to act for justice;
modeling for us how
to walk faithfully with you.

God of History and Hope,
in every time and place,
you have inspired people
whose devotion and integrity
inspired others
to find Oneness with you.
Make us people
Whose devotion and integrity
are also an inspiration
to everyone we encounter.

Continue to bless
all the people of light and love
who call themselves by many names;
who practice their faith
with unique and inspired variety;
who lead their children,
their neighbors,
and their friends
toward a more intimate
and complete relationship with you.

Make your Spirit pour out
in power and wisdom
upon the collection of saints
reading this today—
as well as all those
we hold dear,
both near and far,
living and deceased.

May we may continue
to hold high
the torch of faith
that has been passed to us,
so we too might pass
the torch of faith
to our children,
our disciples,
our hurting world.

We pray in the name of the one
Who is the consciousness
and light
of every torchbearer,
Jesus the Christ,
in whose loving, peaceful image
we strive to conform ourselves.

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