Monday Meditation

God of endless wonder, we marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty and infinite diversity of your eternal universe.

I awoke this morning to the sounds of life: A dog barking in the distance. Birds outside my window singing 1000 melodies, on tree branches filled with multi-colored leaves and flowers filling the air with the sweet scent of your sustaining love.

My eyes opened as if for the first time, the colors of existence melting together like prismatic candy stirred in a vat of boiling water. Is this the same reality in which I fell asleep yesterday? Or, in my slumber, have I jumped across the very fuzzy line of the metaphysical into some new awareness? And is awareness of a new reality indeed a new reality, or simply a deeper appreciation (recognition?) of the place I have always been, yet too blind the beauty to see?

Asleep, the world is dark and dangerous. Despair and small-mindedness fill my televised, unenlightened life. But awakened by your gentle touch, I am alive! I see hope! I am hope! The artifice of the shattered, broken, hollow existence perpetrated by The System of Perpetual Darkness begins to evaporate into the emptiness it actually is.

Seeing the truth requires seeing beyond the veil, and you have opened my eyes to the light beyond--a light so bright it blinds, yet in that blindness I somehow find a new vision, new sight, new wonder, and new inspiration. Blinded by the light I now see more clearly.

Today is a blessed day, indeed! Awakened and energized anew, I eagerly prepare to do battle with The System of Perpetual Darkness. I combat the noise of their continuous advertised fear with the deafening silence of your gracious and unconditional love. I meet the swing of their mighty broadswords of systemic evil with a plasmatic blast of hope and joy, which I create to envelop everyone around me. I teach others how to project the loving energy within them, too, as we fight to wrap the entire world in a blinding love that prevents the System of Perpetual Darkness from broadcasting their message of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The System must be fought—not with weapons, we realize, but with love—unconditional and unfettered by preconception.

I am the energy of love. I am the energy of hope. I am the energy of new sight and a new mind, the harbinger of a new reality, unpoliticized, unexpurgated, unequivocally filled with unconditional love. I am designed to obliterate the fuzzy lines between realities until there is only one awareness of the one true reality: We are Infinite Oneness.

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