Monday Meditation

Glorious God of all creation,
we humbly offer
our hearts, minds, and bodies
as your tools
in the creation of
a more peaceful
and understanding world.

We give thanks beyond measure
for your gracious gift
of eternal, unequivocal love
and promise to use
your love for us,
as an example of
how we are to love
each other—
even those who claim
to be our enemies.

[pause and leave silent space for God here]
You clearly light the pathway
to love, compassion, and unity
with all creation.
We passionately acclaim
the gifts you give us:
Those moments of clarity,
when we see the world
through your eyes;
those awesome experiences
of your complete, unconditional love;
those too few quiet moments
when we are consciously
ONE with your presence,
when your being
becomes our being.

[pause and leave silent space for God here]

However, we confess that
we lead human lives
preoccupied with the “stuff” of this world,
stuff that often separates us
from the knowledge
and acknowledgement
of your constant presence
vibrating wildly within us.

Many of us are suffering—
the world is engulfed in conflict.
It can be easy to forget you are with us
when the events around the world
make it so easy to believe otherwise.

It seems that often,
in the midst of tragedy,
we become focused on the self,
and forget that it is in
these most disastrous moments
when we truly need to
faithfully reach out to you,
the Healer of all wounds.
Forgive us when we forget
to stop and be with you.
Help us find you when we most need you.
We need you now, most Holy Presence.
The people of Paris need you now.
The people of Syria need you now.
The people of Myanmar need you now.
The people of Iran and Iraq,
the people of the United States and Mexico,
the people in every country
experiencing the painful changes
that come from
a world waking up to a more graceful,
gracious, spirit-filled, love-filled life
—we all need you now.

[pause and leave silent space for God here]

We understand the world is changing,
God of constant change.
We know and give thanks for
the intense spiritual, physical, and emotional growth
that is happening now in our world,
in our own lives,
in our church,
and in institutions
both secular and religious
all around the world.

Help us recognize that
even through the turmoil,
there is a more enlightened state of being
just beginning to burst through into this reality,
like a caterpillar crushing its chrysalis
as a butterfly—at once the same
and completely new,
is born.

Like this beautiful,
resurrected butterfly,
our world and our institutions
are now being resurrected and recreated
ever more in your loving image.

New things are being birthed
throughout the world.
New love is bursting forth,
and though the process of
achieving that love
often looks like Armageddon,
we understand that
new birth is sometimes, unfortunately, a messy process.

Give us the vision to see
beyond the current turmoil.
Give us the fortitude to withstand
the slings and arrows
of outrageous, unholy claims
made in your Holy name.
Give us internal peace
even while externally,
the world writhes
in pain and anger,
trying to resist
a love that is ultimately
much too strong to resist.

[pause and leave silent space for God here]

For the example of Jesus,
for your love of all creation,
and for the grace
you freely give to everyone,
we offer hearts and souls
full of gratitude.
Thank You
all that iswas, or ever shall be,
for constantly showing us
the signs we need to find you,
even though
we keep making wrong turns.
Thank You
for your unwavering
patience and understanding.
For every spectacular and miraculous
moment of our lives,
we offer thanks to you,
our awesome and inspiring God.


[pause and leave silent space for God here]

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