Monday Meditation

Holy God,
Creator and Sustainer of all things,
fill my soul,
my heart,
my mind,
and my body
with Universal Conscious Awareness
of my interconnectedness with all beings.

I pray for
an expanded understanding
of what it means to call you Creator.
Help me see you
as the creative energy
that is all things in the universe,
rather than a mad scientist
in an alien laboratory.
Through that awareness,
may I understand that
all people are made from God.
All people are God.

Move me to realize that,
if all people are God,
then all people must be treated
with compassion and love.
All people must have food
and shelter,
and deserve respect.
If all people are God,
then all people are to be welcomed
without condition,
into my country,
my church,
my home,
my loving arms.

What does it mean to call you Creator?
It means you are
the underlying consciousness
of all being
and therefore,
all being deserves my love and acceptance.

Make me understand you as
Sustainer of all things—
As the fundamental building block
of the physical universe.
Make me acutely aware
that you are the meta,
the underlying principle and force
of all physicality,
in this and every world.

Help me know the presence of God
as the very fabric of the universe—
A creative force of love
that vibrates so intensely
it sustains all physical reality
by creating music we can touch,
taste, hear, see, and smell.
We are the notes
of a universal symphony,
loved into being
and sustained by
the celestial ringing of the stars.

What does it mean
to call you Sustainer?
It means your song of songs
is the harmonic resonance
of my life,
and therefore,
all life deserves love and acceptance.

I pray that today
and every day,
more people will awaken
to the quantum meta realization
of you as our Creator and Sustainer,
and that more hearts and minds will be opened
to the idea that
we are more than one people,
even more than one people of God.
We are simply One.

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