Monday Meditation

Waves of curiosity and wonder
crash against the desert of my mind,
ending a drought of indifference,
plunging me into
a sea of introspection.

Compelled to wonder,
I see spinning universes
of red and blue
forming into a compassionate
and somewhat bemused visage.
Your mouth spreads
into an enormous grin,
revealing so many new worlds
that my senses cannot keep up.
I am overflowing with excitement,
and finally,
I stop thinking
and solely experience.

[pause to experience the creation of new worlds]

Once I let go,
you carry me
on a journey of discovery.
I’m no longer observing
what is happening;
I am part of what’s happening.
I am the formation of a new world.
I am the explosion of a star
into a billion new realities.
I am consciously aware
of every conscious being
in actualities too numerous to count.

[pause to experience the consciousness of all life]

Carried along on your creative wave,
I cry uncontrollably
and watch,
as each teardrop creates
a new world teeming with life.
Has this been within me all along?
Why have you waited so long
to reveal yourself?
Why have I waited so long
to invite you into my heart?

Now, alive with love,
aware of the infinite unity
of the being of all being,
I enter all of my days
as a new creation:
beloved and loved,
taught to teach,
questions answered
to ask even more.

Conscious life
is a life fully lived.
A life fully lived
is a life lived conscientiously.
In constant relationship with you,
my nameless everything,
my every named thing,
I am driven to be different,
to act and think differently,
so that eventually
we might all come to understand
love unconditional.

May waves of love
crash against,
and fill,
the deserts of our minds,
every one.

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