Monday Meditation

Holy and loving God,
your capacity to love has no limits.
We come into your presence today
in awesome wonder
of your ceaseless love.
Inspire us to love others
as completely as you love us.

We are continually encouraged
by the way you work through us,
enabling us to bring aid
to those in need around the world.
Thank you, Holy Presence,
for the generous and useful gifts
you bestow upon each of us.
May we use them in service to you
and the creation of a world
more reflective of your divine compassion.

As the life of Jesus Christ shows us,
generosity and compassion
are not only available to all of us,
they are our very nature.
We are at our finest
when we serve each other.
Guide us and nourish our souls,
God we love most dearly,
as we do our best to be examples of love
in this too-often loveless world.

We humbly ask you,
God of all healing energies,
to envelop in your tender embrace
all those around the world
suffering from natural disasters,
and dis-ease of every kind.

May our loved ones, strangers,
and those we unfortunately
and incorrectly
consider enemies,
come to know that you, God,
are the unified field
of love and energy
that creates each of us,
and that continues to sustain
everything in the universe.

We pray that
you constantly help us understand you
in new and deeper ways
that enable us
to become co-creators
of a more equitable and loving world
for all your children,
on every corner of this planet.

In your many glorious names we pray, Amen.

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