Monday Meditation

God of endless wonder,
we are astonished
by the revelation and realization
that you are not a being
sitting on a magical rocket chair in the sky,
judging and condemning based on human ideals,
but rather that you are a force—
the force of love
that is and is within all things
great and small.

We too often live in fear.
We too often speak words of hate,

and build walls of distrust.

We have created you in our image,
and made you judge and jury,
accepting of a narrow few.
We have made you a god
who is always on “our” side,
not realizing that when we truly know you,
there is no “us” or “them,”
there is only you,
the eternal love of the universe.

Our fear of others
(and our fear of you)
keeps us away from love.
We find too few ways to connect with you,
the eternal essence of forever.

You love us into being.
You connect with us in ways
we have trouble describing,
and are still grasping to understand.

Yet, if we open our minds
and our hearts,
you teach us the ways of love,
which expels distrust,

pulverizes fear,

and fuses our souls with your very being.
Love fuses our souls
with every state of being
and non-being.

Creative God,
show us your face
in every flower and every stranger.

Let us feel your tears
in every drop of rain

and every cry of sorrow.

Help us see the beauty of the world
and each other,

with overpowering gratitude.

Stir our souls

and give us the courage
 to create
a world of compassionate beauty,

in response to your beauty

which always compassionately surrounds us.


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