Monday Meditation

Mysterious and motivating
Force of the Universe:
Connect us to your love.
Flow through our souls
like bolts of lightning
through the dense electrified blanket
of a highly charged summer sky.

Energize our being
with love and compassion,
focus and clarity,
joy and lightness of being.

Help us tread gently
through this life,
ever more aware of
the precarious nature
of our relationships
to each other,
to our precious planet,
and to you,
our always-present,
Mysterious One.

We don’t know how you work,
We just know you are.
We feel your presence
within and all around,
changing us,
shaping us,
conforming us
ever more and always gently
into the image of perfected humanity,
as it was seen in Christ
so long ago.

Help us achieve a greater state of being,
and always,
to recognize the Christ-like nature
within everyone.
We are all part of the very being of God.

Our ancestors called us your children,
because we are indeed
created from your very being.
You are in our DNA.
You are our DNA.
We can never be separated from you,
we can only falsely believe
in separation.

But separation is a myth.
Nothing is separate.
Nothing is apart or alone.
The truth is our Oneness of being,
with you,
through you,
from you,
with each other,
through each other,
from each other.
We are One
and One is all.

With our attention focused on Oneness,
life looks different.
The world looks different.
Through your eyes we see love.
In your passionate embrace,
we feel love.
Focused on you
and our intimate,
unbreakable bond with you,
we are love.

Dis-integrate our distractions
and our barriers,
and awaken us to our integration
with your very being,
God of all Being.

For all who suffer:
the oppressed and the oppressor,
the patient and the healer,
the politician and the proletariat,
dis-integrate our barriers.
Open our minds and hearts,
and make our lives—
our ordinary,
everyday lives,

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