Monday Meditation

Words can never describe
the depth of our love for you,
our most glorious lord God.

The depth of your love for us
knows no bounds,
and we do our best to return
to the rest of the world
the love you freely give us.

We try to thank you
through our every thought
and every action.

We praise you
by dutifully following Jesus,
the Master whose path
illuminates our lives,
even when we are suffering
our darkest nights.

Our modern world,
like the world of Jesus,
makes it difficult
to stay on the path.
By turning away from you—
by neglecting our half
of the covenant
you made with us,
we have created an artificial society;
a global community yes,
but one held together
by the most tenuous
of human-made threads.

We have forgotten that
the only true community
is your community,
dear Holy One.
We long for a world
populated by people
whose hearts have been softened
by reunion
with your loving presence.

We pray that your Spirit
will ignite the spark of the Christ
within each of us,
and remind us that we all,
like Jesus,
are your children.

With humility
we send our prayer-filled energy
for the healing of the world,
for the awakening of our spirits,
and for the courage to fight the empire,
into the endlessness
of your eternal energy,
which surrounds,
and dwells within us all.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ,
the one
who fought violence with love,
who eliminated hate with compassion,
and who insists we practice
a faith with substance,
instead of blindly participating
in a hollow religion.

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