Filled With the Power of Love, part 1

Humans have done a good job of designing a world that keeps the truth hidden from us. Whether we’re surfing TV channels or the Web, we’re flooded with images and stories about how atrocious we are to each other. Constant war in the Middle East is causing a flood of immigration to Europe, in numbers so massive and in waves so fast and furious, that even the countries doing their best to shelter everyone simply cannot keep up. Then, of course, there are the countries that are completely disinterested in sheltering victims of wars they likely had a hand in starting.

In the United States, politics is about self-preservation and special interests. This country, once considered the best place on the planet to achieve your dreams; this country, built on the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants; this country, stolen from its indigenous people, is now building walls to keep everyone else out, even though none of us actually belong here.

Indeed, if an intergalactic traveler were to stumble across our planet, or even one of our broadcasts, she might think twice before stopping in to say hello. I would.

What I find most unfortunate about this current state of affairs is that it masks the truth. We are stuck in a reality that is unreal, and we’ve become so convinced that this is the way things are (and that this is the way things have always been), we can no longer see the layers of truth that underlie our existence. It’s like looking at an onion, only seeing the skin, and presuming the onion is worthless. It’s only after the skin is peeled back that the delicious layers of the onion are revealed—layer after layer of oniony goodness.

That’s humanity. We are, in truth, layer after layer of goodness. The problem is that we don’t look deeply enough. We look around the world and see only the outer layer. We have created economic, political, social and entertainment systems that keep us convinced we are cruel, mean-spirited, heartless—and worthless. We have perverted our religions, so they do the same. Whereas all the spiritual masters throughout history have shown and reminded us, we are love, the religious systems that have developed around them have somehow done just the opposite. Most of this has been done for self-preservation.

It’s time for us to start looking deeper, to start peeling back the surface layers, to see past what we are told is reality. Reality is a lie. The truth is much, much deeper, and is only discovered by releasing self-preservation and taking up selfless concern for community. It’s time—beyond time, to realize we are beings of love, and that the power of love is astounding and world-changing. Love is, in fact, the only power that can change the world, and we are created from it to be in constant communion with it.

All we have to do is look past the surface to discover the truth.

Meditation: Fill me with love so I will fill the world with love.

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