Filled With the Power of Love, part 2

Filled With the Power of Love, part 2
How do we uncover a deeper-than-surface reality? How do we find the goodness in humanity, when all we are told is that we are worthless sinners? We find what I think is a “more real” reality through an intentional process of awakening. We intentionally awaken by finding (and using) spiritual practices that slowly peel away the surface of this artificial reality and reveal the truth about our Oneness with everything that exists on this planet and every planet. In this universe and every universe. The truth is that there is only One, and we are all emanations of The One.

You can call this God, enlightenment, nirvana, or Fred the Orange. You can consider yourself Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, or Pastafarian. It doesn’t matter. Every system we create is simply a way for us to awaken to Oneness. There are many paths, but only One Universal Energy, One Universal Mind, One God. Again, different people use different names to describe the same thing. What’s important to remember—what’s important to awaken to—is that we are all after the same thing: a more enlightened way of being with each other in this time and place. I believe that can only happen as we find more intimate ways to be with Infinite Consciousness. We need spiritual grounding before real, permanent systematic social change occurs.

I don’t believe anyone in the world truly wants war—even the military industrial complex. If somehow tomorrow, every war ended, the brilliant minds at Lockheed Martin and the other Military-Industrial corporations would turn their impressive resources to other things. Perhaps the invention of a real food replicator to end hunger once and for all. Perhaps the invention of real warp drive engines, which would solve not only our desire for deep space travel, but also create a new energy source for our homes, cities and nations.

We are locked into an unhealthy way of being, and like any addict, we fail to see there is a way out. The same was true for our ancestors who put their thoughts, hopes, struggles, dreams and desires in writing. The desire to see through this artificial reality is evident in the many texts and letters that eventually became “sacred” writings such as The Bible, The Qu’ran , The Dhammapada, The I Ching, The Vedas, and on and on. Humans have intrinsically always known there is more depth to reality than we have ever been able to grasp. At this moment, we might finally have the tools—both scientifically and spiritually—to achieve a breakthrough in human consciousness. Now is the time to change reality—and the way we perceive it—forever.

This breakthrough begins one person at a time. We are all the instruments through which a deeper meaning peels away the artifices of this world we have manufactured. There is a deeper truth just under the surface, and to experience it we need to go deeper ourselves. We can do this any number of ways: through study—of just about anything because knowledge always leads to enlightenment. We can do it through prayer and meditation, practices designed to help us physically, mentally and spiritually center in the universal oneness that is all creation. We begin to break the hard outer surface of this reality by serving others, by putting the needs of the many over the wants of the one, by working to bring everyone who has been marginalized in from the cold.

Whatever our method (and we will ultimately use many different methods), our goal is the same: A spiritual awakening to our true selves, people who operate from love, in community, for the common good.

Meditation: Reality appears in the cracks and margins. Mind the margins.

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