Guided Meditation & Centering Prayer

Guided Meditation & Centering Prayer
Today is International Day of Peace. In order to bring a true, lasting peace to the world, we need to become more peaceful as individuals. I do not believe that can happen without a significant change to our spiritual being. We must be people grounded in the mystery and healing love of The Universe if the systems of our planet are to change significantly.

Toward that goal, in church yesterday I showed a short, 10-minute guided meditation. So many of you have asked for the video that I’ve linked it here for everyone. While we often associate meditation with Eastern religions/philosophical systems, centering prayer is a very ancient Judeo-Christian practice. From Moses to Jesus, from the Benedictine monks to Teresa of Avila and Pope Francis, spiritual sojourners have practiced (and encouraged the practice of) centering prayer and meditation for thousands of years.

Centering prayer roots us in God. It’s a form of silent meditation in which we prepare to experience God within us. It's a way for us to connect consciously with God and understand we are One. In centering prayer, we open our mind, our heart, our whole being to the mystery and love of God. We are taken to a place beyond thoughts and emotions, beyond logic, to a state of pure emotion, a place of ultimate knowing.

In centering prayer, we feel we are One with God, and through that connection, one with everything in the universe. It is an experience of enlightenment that affects us emotionally and physically.

It was my hope yesterday that through this short introduction to centering prayer, some of us would feel a little “click,” a little tug at our hearts. Apparently, many of you felt just that. Hooray! That tug is God, awakening us from within and filling us with the loving energy we need to be followers of Christ, agents of change, and people of love in this busy, distracted, too-often heartless world. 

Guided Meditation:

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