Into the mystic, part 3

It turns out the Universe is accelerating. This has caused scientists to rethink a few theories, because for a long time the understanding was that the universe was slowing down due to gravitational pull. We don’t know what is propelling the universe to reach ever farther into our four-dimensional reality (and beyond), but scientists have a theory that involves things called dark energy and dark matter. This is the stuff that, although we can’t see it, we sense is there, holding the universe together. Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like what people of faith call God? The being that holds all reality together? Is it that great a leap to imagine that God is the spiritual stuff that holds the universe together? Perhaps rather than calling the spaces between the physical objects of this world dark matter, we should call it God.

The other major difference between the theory of dark energy and our concept of God is that we believe God is conscious. I would suggest that God is also the energy and matter in the universe, no matter what we call it. There is only one substance out of which all reality springs forth: God.

As we travel farther and farther along the mystical road (and at this point one could easily argue that science is on that path with us), we begin to understand matter and consciousness differently. Our journey is ever toward Oneness, and inevitably that journey leads us to think very differently about matter in general, about our relationships to each other (if there is only One, then we are all more intricately bound to one another than ever before imagined), and about the nature of God.

This is a journey to awakening. Our concepts and long-held beliefs about both the nature of God and the nature of our universe will be stretched to the breaking point. Once broken, a wonderful new way of looking at existence is revealed. We reach a singularity by becoming the singularity, conscious of God’s activity in and through all things (Romans 11:36). We are changed, and more able to change our world forever.

Prayer: God of endless energy, you are revealed to me in ways I never before thought possible—through science and history, reason and experience. Keep my mind and heart open to your presence, and continue to energize me as a light, and an actor of peace, love and compassion in this world that is sorely in need of your presence. Amen

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