Celebrating Our Small Blue Dot

Our modern, corporatized, globalized world has caused us to devalue each other and our planet. If ever there was a modern definition of sin, it is this: the devaluation of human and planetary worth by the systemic destruction of both by corporations unbound by laws and unregulated by morality.

Today, let’s try to remember that we are bound to this planet through the very substance of our being. The molecules within us are the molecules within every tree and lake. As the planet dies and withers, so too do we—not just physically, but spiritually and morally. Before we bankrupt ourselves and take the entire planet with us, let’s rethink the way we organize society and conduct our relationships. Let’s try to remember love as the principle that guides our decision making processes. Love, not profit. Love, not war. Love, not pollution.

Perhaps this video, produced by Charter for Compassion for Earth Day 2015, will remind us what it means to be humans in relationship with each other and this magnificent blue dot, both of which are part of and contain every conceivable universe of being.

Meditation: Give me the strength and courage to resist the powerbrokers and corporate overlords who are destroying our humanity and our planet. 

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