Monday Meditation

Loving and compassionate God,
move through our congregation,
our world,
our hearts,
our minds and souls.

Embrace us firmly,
and awaken us
from our hypnotic sleep.

We have created a world
that mesmerizes us
with shiny objects.

We are programmed to buy
more than we need,
and to eat
more than is healthy for us.

We are urged to fill our homes
with more and more stuff,
even while we know
the abundance of your glorious world
is not being shared with others—
others who are often
the very people producing the stuff
we fill our homes with.

Wake us up, Holy Redeemer!
Resurrect our spirits,
for too long suffocated
by the heavy burden
of this consumer culture.

Remind us we are holy children, Lord—
your holy children.
Flow through our very being.
Enlighten us
so we might enlighten others,
and one by one
snap out of our global slumber
and realize a different way—
your way of love,
and utter equality with one another,
which can only happen
when we acknowledge and embrace
your internal,
eternal love.

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