Monday Meditation

God of endless love,
take hold of our hearts
and let us sit here
in the stillness of your presence,
as we turn our souls to you.
Help us discover
the mystery of
the living Christ within us.

[Pause for meditation]

Inspire us
to turn ourselves inside out
in service to you.
As we clean our homes,
commute to our offices,
work in our gardens,
sit at our desks
and answer our e-mails,
may everything we do
be in honor of
and inspired by

[Pause for meditation]

Awaken us to
the restoring presence of your love.
Resurrect our faith
in our ability
and responsibility,
through your love,
to change our leaders,
our governments,
our economic and social systems,
and recreate them in the image of
your equitable, loving kin-dom.

[Pause for meditation]

Remind us that
the Easter season
is a time for us
to reflect deeply on your being
as a powerful force of love
in our lives
and in our world.

We confess that
we’re unusually selfish creatures.
We need you to show us
again and again
that we are more than our selves, though—
we are the embodiment of
your spirit,
created perfectly
as journeyers in this physical world.
We have separated ourselves from you,
but the spiritual parable
of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ
assures us that
you are with us,
now and always.

[Pause for meditation]

Many of us carry
burdens of our own, Holy God.
Put our hearts at ease
and our minds at rest.
Give us unwavering faith
that every roadblock in life,
every mountain we must climb,
every death and every birth,
are all parts of our journey
from you,
through you,
and ultimately,
back to you.
For we all return
from whence we came:
to your eternally loving,
unconditionally accepting embrace.

We pray
in the name of the One who embodies
everything we are
and everything we are called to be,
Jesus the Christ.

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