Monday Meditation

Source of all light,
Creator of all being,
we stand in awe
of your gracious love.

Remind us
to look for
and see
the miraculous
all around us:
from the birth of a star
to the birth of a child;
from the creation of a universe
to the creation of a new idea.

Surrounded by
life’s mysteries,
we give thanks
for the knowledge
you share
and the inspiration
you provide.

Make your presence
known to us today
as we come to connect
with your Infinite Spirit.

As you are the breath
in everything that lives,
also be our sight,
so that we might see the world—
and our relationship to you,
in new and miraculous ways.

We pray
in the many names
of the ones
who constantly shows us
new ways to see the world,
and you within it.


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