The Invisible Thread, part 2

The Invisible Thread, part 2 
For people who believe God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, God is the fundamental building block, the foundation that underlies both quantum and Newtonian physics—what scientists might call the fundamental string.
The unifying foundation scientists are working with right now is known as string theory. In a nutshell, the theory is that everything that exists is made of atoms (which we know is true) and every atom is made of smaller and smaller particles (which we also know is true) until you finally get down to what is essentially an energy vibration that looks like a string (this is where we run into theory). Hence the name string theory. 

The problem is that we have yet to find any physical evidence of strings, probably because we simply don’t have tools that can see that small. Yet. There are also some mathematical dilemmas for string theorists, like the propensity for the theory to create ever more dimensions. Right now, string theory describes 11 dimensions (we live in four dimensions), but they keep adding more and more. For those who think string theory is bunk, this seemingly never-ending need to add dimensions shows the flaw in the theory. But what is wrong with describing an infinite number of dimensions?
Many modern theologians contend that the unified field Einstein looked for, and that many quantum physicists today call strings, is the energy of God, and God is ultimately energy. And is not energy infinite? Ignoring the question of consciousness for a moment, if God is pure energy, and that energy creates parallel realities, why must there be a finite number of realities? I think that eventually, the string theorists will admit there are infinite dimensions, and that each dimension is, in fact, its own universe. In fact, it is probably that every universe is full of parallel universes.
All the invisible little energy strings, in every inconceivable reality, combine to make larger things like neutrons, electrons, and atoms. Atoms combine to make trees, fish, water, humans, planets, solar systems and universes—multiple universes. All of it is the very being of God. 

The implication for humans is that we are multi-dimensional beings (really, the implication is that everything is multi-dimensional). Perhaps the stories about Jesus transcending and resurrecting were our ancestors way of describing a spiritual truth they simply did not have the science to describe. We are energy beings, and because we are energy beings, we are always connected to the source of our energy: God. Furthermore, we are always connected to everything and everyone else that exists--in this and every possible dimension, whether there are 11 or 11x10infinite. Realizing how intimately we are connected to each other should change the way we treat each other, because at the most fundamental level of existence, we are one.
To be continued…

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