The Invisible Thread, part 4

To fully understand the idea that God is our fundamental, we need a completely different mindset. For those who follow Jesus—for Christians, we are to be like and have the mind of Christ. For Buddhists, we need the mind of Buddha, whose ideas about enlightenment are very similar to Jesus’ ideas about the intimacy of our relationship with God. Both Jesus and Buddha had a mindful awareness of the universe—of God not only within, but within all things. And more than this, Jesus understood that he and God were the very same substance—as are we all.

When Jesus mentions being one with “the Father,” he means it quite literally. He understood that there was only one ultimate substance in the universe—God, the fundamental string, which created Jesus and his ability to see beyond human turmoil and suffering, just as surely as God the fundamental created you and I—and gave us the same ability to see beyond human turmoil and suffering. It’s simply a matter of connecting to God as deeply as did Jesus. And yes, it is possible. In fact, I believe it’s why we are alive—to connect with God and through our realization of Oneness, completely change the world.

If we think about God as the Invisible Thread, as the string that creates and weaves all of us into this rich tapestry of existence, as a sort of conductor—the conductor of the current that is reality, then indeed, God is always with us, because God is within, as Jesus liked to say. This means that God is with us, everywhere we go.

And if God goes everywhere with me, and we are all woven together by God, then that means wherever we go, we all go together, because we all go with God.

We are all woven together by the Invisible String that is God.

From God, through God, to God, indeed…

God is the totality of all that is, and would be even if there was nothing except God (although there can never be nothing, in truth, because there is always the fundamental, invisible thread of God--always). We are but a small portion of God’s substance.

As there are tiny, invisible energy strings that make up everything that exists, so too are we like tiny little energy strings in the very fabric of the being of God. God is then both the fabric and the weaver of our existence, making us not only in God’s image, but out of the very nature and material of God’s being, both physical and metaphysical.

We are the physicality of God’s metaphysical nature. That is absolutely proven in the incarnation of Jesus—and the incarnation of every single one of us.

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