Monday Meditation

I close my eyes and
a tunnel of light envelops me.
The light is warm and tender,
alive with awareness.
My mind is opened
to a larger reality.
I float through the tunnel,
lifted high
into a state of

I am suddenly aware
of all beings,
all places,
and all times
right here and now,
yet also beyond, me.

My senses explode.
I smell the ocean
and the Redwood forests;
I feel the rush of the wind
against my face
as I soar high above
snow-capped mountains,

I dive into a lake and
close my eyes as
I crash through
its idyllic, glassy surface.
My body tingles
with the bracing snap
of winter’s chill on my skin.
I am awakened.

When I open my eyes
I see pinpoints of light
surrounding me.
Stars, winking at me,
as if they know my secret.
I float through the universe
and see it
pouring out from my fingertips
and I am suddenly—
And everything.

I am no longer physical,
yet I feel.
I feel love and hate;
hope and despair;
hunger and fulfillment.
All these things are,
and I realize they are
simply things.
As I consider this,
I feel myself being pulled back.

The stars contract,
slowly at first,
then ever more rapidly,
and I see the light twist and distort,
a kaleidoscope of galaxies
as my senses
are once again
filled with
the smells of life,
a glorious illusion,
a dream realized,
but whose?

I wonder if
I have been dreaming,
or if I am,
in fact,
the dream.

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