Prayers for Disaster Relief

I’d like to take a moment today to offer a prayer for all the people who have been affected by natural disasters recently: People in Japan, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Oklahoma, and Houston, in particular our Houston friends Pastor Bruce, Donna and Zach Frogge. Please forgive me if I have left a place off this list and perhaps add names of countries, cities and people in the comments section.

Graceful and comforting God,
bring hope and peace
to the thousands of people
around the world
who have lost loved ones.
Let everyone displaced
by these disasters
find shelter,
and a nurturing touch
while their homes,
and lives
are rebuilt.

Touch our hearts
and inspire us
to come together
in support of one another—
and spiritually.
Make those who still have much,
generous and willing
to provide aid to those
who have lost everything.

Protect all the aid workers
as they work in dangerous conditions
to rescue people and animals.
Help our governments and leaders
be considerate of the needs of their people
as homes, schools,
and infrastructure are rebuilt.

Bring a sense of calm and peace
to all who are suffering.
Help them see your light
in what so often seems
permanent darkness.
Create safe havens
as people struggle,
to begin again.
And may this new beginning,
as all new beginnings,
be filled with your Holy grace,
compassion, and mercy.
In your many names we pray.

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