Monday Meditation

God of Infinite light,
we give thanks
for the many gifts
we have received
in our lives.

Guide us
as we use our money,
our time,
and our talents
to show a hurting world
just how powerfully healing
the modern church can truly be.
Compel us to use
our time,
our talents,
and our money
to serve the hurting people
in our world.

[grant yourself a few moments of meditative silence here]

Holy and Loving God,
with bowed heads
and hearts filled
with your loving presence,
we thank you
for your steadfast love and faithfulness,
for your mercy and your grace,
for your guidance and wisdom,
for every moment
of every day.

We acknowledge that
our world is in great need
of your presence right now.
Violence, hunger,
hatred, bigotry,
racism, sexism,
illness and disease
seem to impact
more and more people
all the time.
The effects of our disconnect
from you
become more apparent,
more pervasive
and more harmful
every day.

the world seems to be getting worse,
instead of better.
During these stressful times,
help us recognize your presence;
help us feel you with us,
help us know that
no matter how dark it seems,
there is a light of love
shining within us all.

[grant yourself a few moments of meditative silence here]

Urge us to experience
the intimacy of your embrace.
Make us know,
Holy God,
that your spirit guides us
through every moment of our lives,
through every decision.
Help us know that all paths,
if we reflect deeply enough,
if we connect intimately enough,
lead ultimately and always
to you.

Your love is the gift
that draws us to serve both you
and one another;
that calls us to live selflessly
rather than selfishly;
that motivates us to live
for the kin-dom of God
rather than for the kingdoms of this earth.

We pray these things
in remembrance of the one
who showed us what
Oneness with God
and the call to serve humanity
looks like,
Jesus Christ.

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