Monday Meditation

Good and loving God,
we give thanks
for the many gifts
we have received
today and throughout our lives.

We are thankful for
the many people
who volunteer their time and talent
to the needs of this world,
people striving together
to serve those in need.
It is a great blessing, indeed,
to serve with people
from all walks of life,
your children working together
to bring food, light, and love
to a world hungry for spiritual
and physical nourishment.
God of Magnificent Wonder,
we are most thankful
for your eternal presence in our lives.

Join us all together
as one body of love.
Move us through the world
as beings
so filled with love and grace,
that, like our
Great Teacher Jesus,
we too might
become healers,
and remind a broken world
of the wholeness found
in you.

We ask a special blessing upon
the students and teachers
who return to school
in the coming weeks.
Keep them safe.
Make their environment conducive to learning.
Help our leaders provide
teachers and students
with all they need,
so that future generations
of your people
will be better stewards
of this precious planet
and each other.

For our friends and loved ones
who are ill,
we pray for healing,
knowing that
we are all intimately connected
through you,
and that as we pray,
the people we care about deeply
are comforted by your tender embrace.

We pray also for the people
we mistakenly think of as enemies.
Help us realize that
there are no enemies.
Enemies are created
from fear,
from ego,
from the desire to possess and own.

Eternal Holy One,
when our journey toward you
is interrupted by such negativity,
shake us loose from
the shackles that keep us
trapped in the darkly lit cave
of this very unnatural humanity.

Show us
over, and over again,
that our natural state,
our true human nature,
is like that of Jesus:
Unconditionally loving,
thoroughly forgiving,
and perfectly filled with grace.

We pray all these things
in the many names
you have been called
throughout the eons:
Light and Life,
The Holy Christ,
God of Infinite Wisdom,
God of Love.

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