Monday Meditation

God who energizes us,
who loves us into being
and blesses us with
and reason,
we thank you.
We humbly accept
our gifts
and will strive
to use them
for the good of
our families,
our faith,
and our world.

Open our minds
to a new way of thinking;
our hearts
to a new way of feeling;
our eyes
to a new way of seeing,
so that all people
will see each other
as a single family,
all interconnected
and interdependent
upon each other.

Urge us
to nourish
all those who hunger
in body and spirit.

Make every place
people gather a holy place,
a home
for the intellectually
and spiritually curious;
a place of safety
and acceptance,
no barriers,
no exceptions.
We know that
we are living into
a new world,
Holy Infinite Presence,
and that,
as children born
in the age of science and reason,
faith is often given a bad rap.
Belief in God
is often met with a snicker and derision.

Yet, we who sense
something more
consider ourselves
reasonable, scientific,
and faithful.
Help our message
reach others like us,
others who may have been
hurt by the church,
who may find the church
or worse,
who may find the church

Continue to
transform your church
into a place
where we can all
come to meet you,
in person,
spirit to spirit,
without being required
to check our minds at the door.

Make the places
where we gather in your name
places of love and understanding,
examples to a world
too filled with
hatred and confusion.
Help us understand that
you are the energy and essence of all being.
we pray, knowing that in prayer,
we do our best work
by simply concentrating
on connecting with
and feeling your presence,
your intense energy
as it stimulates our souls
and makes our bodies
jolt with the electric charge
of your spirit
as you connect us
to those we love and care about.

We pray today
that your presence will be felt
in all the people we love
who are ill,
bringing them comfort and peace.
We pray for
all the people struggling
around the world
due to disease,
natural disaster,
and slavery of all kinds.

We pray,
Holy, Healing One,
not in order to have our wishes granted,
but simply to acknowledge that
our existence,
that all existence,
comes from your very being.

You are our God,
who sings all things into being,
who sustains us all with lovesongs,
and through whom we strive
to be harmonious notes
in this magnificent symphony
called human life.

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