Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places, Part 2

I am worthy of God’s love because I AM God’s love.

Relationship specialists tell us that we can’t love another person until we first love ourselves. Most of us find this difficult to do, especially if we are leading the sort of intense, self-reflective life required of spiritual journeyers. Yet, part of our journey—perhaps even the ultimate goal of our journey, is to realize Oneness with God. Even intellectually, if we perceive ourselves as part of the Infinite Energy of the Universe, then we have an incredible, eternal love deep within our being. In fact, that eternal love is our being.

I am worthy of love because I AM love.

Yet, rather than thinking about infinite, eternal love as something real—something more than an intellectual ideal, we spend our days, nights, months and years looking for things to fill the gaping internal emptiness we so often feel. We look for cards, flowers and chocolates to make us feel complete. We buy new stuff and more stuff and fill our closets, but neglect our souls. We go searching for a physical encounter that momentarily satisfies us, but ultimately leaves us once again wanting—love, whose fleeting embrace is a figment of our imaginations, when we only imagine love can be given to us by another.

Our quest for love must begin and end within. It is not a selfish love, for love abhors selfishness. In fact, the key to loving ourselves is first admitting we are not our selves, but we are the physical being of an ancient, infinite, eternal force: Love. Like anything worthwhile, our search for true love, the love of God, takes time and patience. But once the recognition of Oneness “clicks” within us, suddenly a lasting partnership with another person becomes more viable—because in others we now see not only ourselves, but God. By realizing we are connected to God, we then realize we are connected to others. So romantic love follows Infinite Love, in a balletic dance between spirit and flesh that eventually encourages the whole world to dance to the love songs of God, and ultimately recognize that there is no spirit and no flesh, but only One.

Meditation: I am worthy of love because I AM love. Amen.

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