Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, part 2

Because the particles that form us exhibit quantum entanglement, and quantum entanglement is likely a result of parallel realities interacting, it stands to reason that humans are multi-dimensional beings. We’ve always known this on a basic level. We exist in a standard Euclidean geometric space (the x, y, and we are all familiar with). After Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Minkowski created a more accurate mathematical model to describe our reality, adding time to our x, y and coordinates. Since time is also considered a dimension, at the most basic level we are four-dimensional beings.

However, we now understand there are even more dimensions, perhaps an infinite number of dimensions. 
String theorists have already worked out a nine-dimensional model that implies parallel universes. I believe that ultimately, scientists will come to the inevitable conclusion that there are an infinite number of dimensions and an infinite number of realities, and that even though humans are these large-scale physical creatures, we are involved in and affected by every single infinite reality in some way. We are infinite beings, connected at the core of what it means to exist. We are connected by consciousness.

This connection is why some of us feel deeply troubled by the abuse of our friends in Immokalee or workers at a high tech plant in China. Quantum entanglement—perhaps we should call it quantum consciousness, because it involves a higher awareness of our entanglement, is why we feel empathy for textile workers at a dangerous Nike plant in Indonesia. Quantum consciousness is why we weep when people are beheaded, mosques are bombed, and synagogues become sites of mass murder.

We are an entangled species, but we are just beginning to understand this, and it makes some people nervous. When we are awakened—like Moses, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Gandhi, etc., we are compelled to help others wake up too. That throws the established systems out of balance, and causes some people to react violently. Yet, the truth is undeniable. Any person of faith, regardless of what we call our faith, has been exposed to the idea that there is so much more to being human than simply enslaving each other for profit.

As macro beings created from quantum stuff, we are connected to everything that exists in this universe, and in every reality parallel to this one. We are the substance of consciousness, and like matter, consciousness is neither created nor destroyed. This has deep implications for our concept of life and afterlife. This has a profound effect on the way we treat each other and create governments here and now.

Quantum consciousness is what compelled Jesus to preach the kingdom of God within. It’s why he insists there is a new social order coming. He was conscious of his multi-dimensional existence. He felt his connection to everyone and everything, and called the fundamental string God. The people that later wrote stories about him also understood and felt what Jesus was talking about, and used the best language at their disposal to try to describe life as multidimensional beings.

Go back and read any of the stories in the Second Testament. Read them with the idea that these people were trying their best to describe what it’s like to understand we are multidimensional creatures in a multidimensional universe. What happens to the resurrection story when you realize humans are infinite? What happens to the parables about mustard seeds when you realize humans are awakening to a higher state of consciousness? How do we understand Jesus’ ability to completely sacrifice himself for the good of others if we look at him as a being who understood our quantum connectedness, even if he couldn’t describe it that way?

How do you explain to people with no concept of quantum physics that they are not separate beings, but are, in fact, One substance with many permutations? The parables of the Good Samaritan and The Woman at the Well might be a good way to start.

The implications of modern quantum physics are profound. Science is giving us new language to describe what it means to be, and leading us to the inevitable conclusion that infinite consciousness is the key to understanding what we are, and how to live together more peacefully.

Meditation: I AM one with all being. I AM one with all being. I AM one with all being.

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