Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, part 3

Our entire universe may be a hologram in a seemingly infinite number of parallel realities. What does this idea do to our concept of living physically here and now? If there are parallel realities, then this existence that we are currently experiencing is just one of an infinite number of possibilities. The implication is even greater than that, though: Whatever can happen is happening in some parallel construct. Here, I am a musician. There, I am a construction worker. Here, I am a male. There, I am a female. Somewhere else, I am neither. Everything is not only possible, everything is happening. It’s just a matter of conscious awareness, and once we begin to tap into that conscious awareness, the way we relate to other people here and now changes forever. WE cannot help but be transformed into more accepting, more loving, more open-minded creatures, because we have begun to understand that everything we think we are, and everything we think someone else is, is just a matter of perception. There is another reality where everything is different, and we are connected to that reality. We're just not consciously experiencing it—yet.

If we begin to think of consciousness as the main string tying both the invisible and visible universes together, we get a new, more elegant way to think about dimensional reality—and our relationship to God, the Infinite Energy that is all creation, including our physical being on any plane of existence. Once consciousness becomes part of the dimensional spacetime equation, all the “spooky action at a distance,” all the math that creates endless dimensions, all the ideas about flat, gravity-free holograms begins to make more sense. Infinite Consciousness is the key to understanding the universe—the missing element from the theories of everything that have eluded everyone from Einstein to Hawking; the missing language from spirituality and religion.

Importantly, if consciousness is the underlying string that ties everything together, then it is consciousness that is the ultimate reason we are entangled beings. At the level of energy that is ultimately creating everything (remember 
the table example some weeks ago? Fundamentally, everything that appears solid is really just energy), we are quite literally many aspects of one energy source. Everything is connected in a way we are only beginning to understand, but the implication is enormous and has the potential to change our existence completely.

Awareness of consciousness as the Infinite String entangles us with God—with the Fundamental Energy of the Universe, in a way that is so intimate we are only beginning to create (and use) the vocabulary we need to describe it. It’s a very exciting moment. We have the opportunity to describe God and our relationship to Infinite Love with modern language, modern metaphors, and modern science.

We are all part of the incredible, loving, life-changing, consciousness-changing, multiple-reality transcending energy of God. Ultimately, it’s that realization of Oneness that leads us lovingly and forever into each other’s arms.

Meditation: Make me consciously aware of my connection to everyone and everything, in this and every reality.

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