Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, part 4

Because we are multidimensional beings, I believe that every now and then we “consciousness jump” into a parallel reality. You’ve experienced this if you think about it long enough. Try to remember little moments in your life when everything just felt a little different, a little “off” from the previous day. This is not a good or bad thing. Don’t slip into the dualistic mindset of good and evil! We are multidimensional beings, so this sort of “reality slip” is part of who and what we are. If you stop to think about it long enough, you will remember moments when reality changed in such weird, little ways, you didn’t even notice at the time—but at some point in remembering the past, I suspect you’ve had a moment where you thought to yourself, “Huh. That was weird.”

I’m not talking about a change in perception. Hopefully, throughout our lives we grow and change. We should all be able to look back on our lives and see ourselves as different people now. Our perception of reality is based on a complex set of genetic and cultural interactions, on things that happened to us and things we did in our past. The way a farmer in Immokalee and a U.S. Congressperson perceive the world is different, but the reality of this particular space-time continuum is still the same. This reality has a finite and unchangeable set of rules—gravity, magnetism, electricity, and the mixture of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere are not a matter of perception, they are fixed by the rules of this reality. We can’t perceive the sky as red, because, unless something drastic happens to our atmosphere, the sky in this universe is blue. It is entirely possible there are parallel realities where the sky is red and there are sentient creatures there who are capable of existing in that environment. Our Earth in this particular space-time continuum is not one of those places. So our perception is based on the rules of physics in this world, in this particular reality—this unique space-time continuum.

Consciousness and Universal Consciousness are aspects of the being of God, which is unchanging and eternal. No matter how we perceive things, no matter our point of view, and no matter which of the infinite parallel realities we consciously exist in, everything that exists in this and every other possible reality is made from God. 

God is within us, as Jesus said, but even more than that, God is us. God is the birds in the sky and the birds and sky themselves; the clouds and their very fleeciness, as Joel Goldsmith once wrote. God is consciousness, and consciousness is everything.

Whether or not we as humans choose to become conscious of this truth is our spiritual work to accomplish. This concept—that humans have to participate in the work of conscious evolution, rankles some Christian traditionalists, who in the letters of Paul read the idea that we are helpless, sin-filled, worthless creatures whom only God can save. I doubt this is the point Paul was trying to make, since he was a person who HAD a consciousness-jumping experience, one that blinded him and completely changed not his perception of reality, but the very reality he existed in. Once he was blind, but suddenly he could see—the truth, that we are multidimensional beings who, like Jesus, can transcend everything about this limited physical world we perceive as finite, but is in truth infinite.

We are multidimensional beings, but we only consciously experience one dimension and one reality at a time. This has huge implications for the way we think about God, and even greater implications for the way we think about death. If we are somehow made from the Infinite, then death is just a change in our infinite state of being. We are physical beings in this reality, in this space-time continuum, but that physical nature is created from the consciousness of God, which can never be destroyed. We are made from eternal stuff. When we die, our eternal nature—our consciousness simply jumps into some other space-time continuum. In this way, we never die the way we have been taught to think about death. The end of this physical reality is not the end of our consciousness. Rather, our state of being simply changes, the way boiling water changes to steam. Steam and water are essentially the same thing, just in different states. This is, in my opinion, a healthier and more realistic way for us to think about death. It is the transition from one state of consciousness to another.

We can see the ancients wrestling with this very idea in stories about the transfiguration of Jesus (and the resurrection), Paul’s awakening experience, the men walking on the road to Emmaus, the concept of the Holy Spirit, Moses’ experience with the burning bush, Buddha’s state of nirvana, the Shintoist concept of everything in nature being derived from and containing spirit, and the list goes on and on. Study any religion or philosophical system and you will discover they all have a theme that suggests we are more than what we can taste, touch, hear, see and smell. We are infinite creatures experiencing different states of conscious awareness, one at a time.

We have all died a thousand and one deaths, and we will all die a thousand and one more. But death is only the beginning of a new reality, a new manifestation of God’s being, a new way for the Universal Mind to experience the physicality of reality in this and every dimension, to infinity and beyond.

Furthermore, since we are all made manifest from the One Universal Substance of Being, from the very stuff of God, in a very real way we are always and forever connected to each other through the very stuff of our being—through God, another concept Paul correctly intuited. We will all always be together in some form or another, connected by, to, and made manifest from the loving, infinite energy of the Universal Consciousness we call God.

Meditation: From God, through God, to God, are all things.

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